Gin tasting glass - / used for gin based cocktails



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Gin is a spirit full of nuances ... Designed in collaboration with gin experts, this stemmed glass transforms gin tasting into a unique sensory experience. Its shape and capacity have been specially designed to enhance not just the aromas of gin, but also the aromas of the different plants used to make gin cocktails. The base is curved and rounded to allow enough room for each aroma to break down, while the bevelled end narrows to appreciate each aroma with your nose before they reach your palate. This stemmed glass is made of hand-blown glass.

  • Variation : Transparent

  • Colour : Transparent

  • Material : Mouth blown glass

  • Dimensions : Capacity 0.6 L - Ø 14 cm x H 23 cm
  • Weight : 0.66 lb
  • Characteristics : Glass specially designed for tasting gin, gin cocktails - Designed in collaboration with gin experts - Bevelled design - Dishwasher-safe (fragile/delicate programme)

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