Club 2 glass - / h8cm

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Very chic, this high-quality plastic glass has a precious textured relief effect. The pleated material creates a sparkling effect. Made in Germany, -uperglas-plastic is 100% recyclable and does not contain BPA. Its isothermal properties are four times greater than glass. Almost unbreakable, they can withstand knocks and scratches. These glasses are perfect for aperitifs in the garden, barbecues, kids' birthday parties, picnics or outdoor buffets.

  • Variation : Transparent

  • Colour : Transparent

  • Material : Superglas premium-quality plastic, BPA-free

  • Dimensions : Ø 9.2 x H 8.7 cm - Capacity: 25 cl
  • Weight : 0.88 lb
  • Characteristics : Isothermal properties four times greater than glass - Almost unbreakable: can withstand knocks and scratches - Dishwasher-safe

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